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Mix Your Own Custom Vape Juices

When you think of eLiquid or vape juice production, you’re probably imagining a super scientific procedure with beakers, flasks, and a chemist in a lab coat.   Well, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s nowhere near that complicated. This is because vape juice only has three main components: flavoring, PG/VG, and nicotine (if you […]

PRESS RELEASE: Vapor Galleria Owner Cares About Homelessness

Beginning today, November 15th, and lasting until he’s reached his $3,000.00 goal, Clint Benefield, the owner of Vapor Galleria in Tyler, TX, will find out firsthand what it’s like to be homeless.   Benefield will be living atop some scaffolding outside of his 1400 WSW Loop 323 location to raise money to fight hunger and […]

5 Delicious Fall Vape eLiquid Flavors

Daylight savings time has come to an end and we’re standing squarely in the fall months. Warm baked goods, cooler temperatures, and jewel-toned colors are treasured hallmarks of this time of year. Get into the holiday spirit with some of Vapor Galleria’s seasonal eLiquid flavors:   1. Gingerbread Latte   A smooth latte flavor with […]

9 Tips For Beginners That’ll Make You Look Like A Vaping Pro

The vaping world has exploded in recent years with sci-fi looking mods and incredible e-liquid flavors. Just starting out may seem a bit intimidating at first. But fear not, there are plenty of tips and tricks available that can make even a vaping novice seem like a pro.   1. Buy your e-liquids from US […]

Vaping vs. Cigarettes: The Cold Hard Facts

While switching to e-cigarettes and vaping can’t solve all the health issues current smokers face, there is now more and more evidence mounting that vaping as an alternative is far less harmful than previously claimed.   Here are the facts about vaping and smoking laid out side-by-side:   Vaping   Comes with and without nicotine: […]

4 Tips To Improve The Flavor Of Your Vape

If you’re an experienced vaper you may have already come across the phenomenon of “vaper’s tongue,” or the diminished perception of the taste of your vape liquid.   This can happen for a multitude of reasons including flavor fatigue but it doesn’t have to. Below are three tips to help combat “vaper’s tongue” and keep […]

Smokers Who Switch To Vaping Live Longer

It’s happening. Slowly but surely the science is starting to eclipse the fear-mongering and doubts proffered by government officials.   A new study conducted by the Tobacco Journal found that “replacement of cigarette by e-cigarette use over a 10-year period yields 6.6 million fewer premature deaths with 86.7 million fewer life years lost.”   Their […]

Meet The Mods: A Guide To Vaping Mods

It’s easy to get overwhelmed or confused in the landscape of vape mods—there are tons of devices on the market geared towards novice and expert alike. Mods as diverse and varied as their users. However, contrary to popular belief, understanding the realm of vape mods isn’t as difficult as you might believe.   Let’s start […]

3 Myths About Teen Vaping–BUSTED

A recent study published earlier this month by four scientists in the journal Harm Reduction has just about debunked some of the most pervasive and hysteria-inducing myths surrounding the “growing teen vaping problem.”   The recent study is actually a critique of a report that was published in 2016 by former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy […]

More Evidence Reveals Decreasing Tobacco Use Attributed To Vaping

A morbidity and mortality report released by the CDC in June of this year revealed stark decreases in smoking among younger populations. In 2016, 47.2% of high schoolers and 42.4% of middle schoolers admitted to using tobacco products—e-cigarettes occupying 11.3% of high schooler and 4.3% of middle schooler tobacco consumption.   However, recent numbers have […]