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Public Opinion On Vaping Is Characterized By Falsities

A recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, produced data that would suggest a majority of the American public is falsely informed on the practice of vaping. Public opinion has shifted from highlighting the benefits of vaping to promoting falsities and inaccurate statements. Many would link it to be a result of political and […]

How Vaping Can Save Your Life

Numerous people choose to quit smoking by switching to vaping, because vapers use little to no nicotine. However, many people can’t simply quit all at once whenever they decide to. The best way is to have a plan to easily transition yourself into a nicotine-free vaping experience.   You can try a few altered methods […]

How Flavors Truly Affect The Way People Vape

The art of vaping and the assorted flavors that come with it are all part of the package that has come under scrutiny by members of the FDA and the federal government. Now, you might know that the custom of vaping is at the front of the battle lines, but what you might not know […]

Pennsylvania Vape Tax Grows In Opposition

If you own a shop that sells vaping products in Pennsylvania, you will come across a 40 percent “floor tax” that pertains to every piece of merchandise you purchase. The new tax will be initiated on October 1, 2016 and is a hard hit for small business owners.   The 40 percent wholesale tax has […]

How the FDA’s New Vape Regulations Actually Hurts Workers

In case you missed it, the FDA passed new “deeming regulations” for vape products into affect as of August 8, 2016. These policies were said to allow the FDA to “be able to help protect the public, and especially kids, from the dangers of all tobacco products.” That probably sounds like something progressive and helpful […]

3 Of The Best Cities For Traveling Vapers

For vapers who travel frequently or are planning on traveling, there are some cities that will welcome you with open arms, while others should totally be evaded all together. As vaping continues to be largely misunderstood throughout the country, you’ll want to keep this list stored away for future reference.   So let’s get down […]

Fact: Cigarettes are Not Vape Pens

Electronic cigarettes all too frequently misunderstood for Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) or more commonly known as “Vape Pens.” The producers and consumers of vaping products want you (and lawmakers and media) to fully understand that there is a fundamental distinction between the devices.   What an E-Cigarette is.   Let’s begin with what an e-cigarette’s […]

Vaping-What are the Facts-Vaping Safer Choice than Smoking

The increasing popularity of vaping has created growing concerns about whether or not it’s safer than smoking tobacco products. Extensive research is now being done to answer those concerns. So far the results have been yes, vaping is safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes.   The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) just compiled a report from […]

Vaping – What are the Facts – Less Nicotine for Vapers

There are Vapers that are making a healthier choice when smoking by using e-juices that contain lower levels of nicotine, or no nicotine at all. This is a good decision based on the fact that the use of nicotine has been known to cause possible health issues. For traditional tobacco smokers that have switched to […]

Vaping-What are the Facts-The Fundamentals of E-juice & Lab Created Liquids

E-juice is one of the primary parts used in vaping products. It’s also known as an e-liquid. The e-juice is a liquid that holds the flavors, and if any, the nicotine. When heated it creates the vapor that the smoker inhales. The vapor cloud is also made from the heated e-juice. With are wide variety […]