Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Social Etiquette of Vaping

It’s easy to fall into a false sense of security when it comes to vaping. Particularly if you vape sans tobacco. You may think there’s not even tobacco in here…surely, these “rules” don’t apply to me. But you’d be wrong. Very wrong.   To be clear, e-cigarette law covers all e-cigarette use, not just those […]

Vaping in the Workplace 101: What You Need to Know

It’s now generally accepted that vapor clouds don’t pose nearly as significant a health risk as second-hand smoke from traditional cigarettes. However, there is still etiquette involved when vaping in social settings, especially those occupied by non-vapers such as the workplace.   The first thing to keep in mind before chasing clouds at work is […]

The Best Vape Pens for Vape Tricks

Vaping trick competitions and videos have been popping up all over the internet for a while now. There are tens of thousands of videos (if not more) on YouTube alone where various creators gather and perform some pretty wild tricks. If you’ve ever wanted to be a cloud chaser and start learning some of the […]

Owner Partners with PATH to Cool Down the County

TYLER, TX – Vapor Galleria owner, Clint Benefield, is giving back to his community again. Mr. Benefield has partnered with local nonprofit organization, People Attempting to Help (PATH). Their goal is to get 100 electric fans donated to low-income families and senior citizens throughout the county this summer.   Vapor Galleria has already committed to […]