Monthly Archives: February 2019

Have you found your online vape community?

Whether a newbie or an advanced experienced vaper, joining a vaping community is a way to connect with like-minded individuals who share your love of vaping. Whatever your reason for using the device, there is likely a vaping community to suit you and your character.   Here are some cyberspaces to check out where you […]

New study in UK confirms e-cigarettes aid in quitting smoking

The findings from a randomized study of British adults were published last month in the UK’s New England Journal of Medicine. Conclusions drawn from the research indicate that when coupled with targeted one-on-one behavior therapy, e-cigarettes are significantly more effective in helping adults quit smoking that traditional methods like the patch or nicotine gum.   […]

How to blow smoke triangles

Vape culture is one of the biggest subcultures in America today, with an enthusiastic and loyal following from social media to real-life vape competitions where airbenders come together to perform some seriously mind-melting smoke tricks. Maybe that’s even the reason why you started vaping. To master some of the same tricks as your favorite YouTuber […]