Monthly Archives: June 2019

What are rebuildable devices and why should I consider using one?

The sub-ohm tanks these days are a great mixture of flavor, vapor production, and convenience. But what if you want the best flavor and vapor production? Well then, my friend, we’re talking about rebuildables!   A popular choice for those who like to build is the RDA – or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. With an RDA, […]

Trying to get bigger clouds? Here’s how:

There are many of us in the vaping community that like to think big. No, not the “exotic cars and huge mansions” kind of big. We’re talking about cloud production. Trying to achieve those big and fluffy plumes that fill the room. Let’s go over some key factors for making serious clouds happen.   First […]

Choosing the correct nicotine strength when starting out, and why it’s important.

Choosing the appropriate nicotine strength for your e-juice is just as important as picking the right device to fit your vaping needs. Often times, people new to the vaping community overlook the fact that correct nicotine strength is of the utmost importance. If you’re making the switch to vaping and just coming off of cigarettes, […]