Can E-Cigs Reverse Harm From Smoking?
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A researcher named Professor Ricarrdo Polosa has been studying the effects that vaping has on patients with high blood pressure and asthma problems in Italy. Cigarette smoking is known to both increase blood pressure and worsens asthma.


Heart rate is increased while smoking and this releases various chemicals into the blood stream.  Tobacco smoking can also increase arterial hypertension as vessels become “stiff” and nicotine causes spasticity which can lead to blood clotting.  Nicotine also causes “stickiness” to blood platelets adding to the problem.


People with asthma who come in contact with tobacco smoke (whether first-hand or second-hand) can experience constriction of the bronchial airways (spasms). This leads to shortness of breath and coughing plus, can cause a person to need emergency treatment. Vaping is simply breathing in “vapors” of flavored steam (water).  If nicotine is not in the e-juice, it is pretty much harmless to a person with asthma. If a person with asthma is kicking the smoking habit, nicotine can be added to e-juices and gradually weaned down.


In smokers with asthma or with hypertension who vape, improvements have been seen in as early as 6 months. Some improvements can be observed even earlier.


Quitting tobacco isn’t just about the nicotine addiction. There is a “ritualistic” component as well. The ritual of lighting up, inhaling and releasing of smoke is also difficult to break. Vaping gives the smoker “hands-on” relief as they eliminate tobacco use from their life. Many ex-smokers continue vaping and have no plans to quit as they begin to notice health improvements but still enjoy the “ritual” of smoking.


Switching to vaping also eliminates the post-smoking weight gain experienced by many. Lung function improves, coughs cease, and life improves for the now ex-smoker in more ways than one can imagine.