Cooking With CBD Oils
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CBD has proven itself useful for pain management and several other common ailments. While inhaled products are still the most popular, the new oils and tinctures are opening a whole new world of edibles to the CBD marketplace. Sweet and savory products can both be combined with CBD for a delicious and relief-filled snack or meal. There are five things to keep in mind when cooking with CBD.

  1. Choose high-quality CBD.

Quality is key for CBD. The higher the quality of product, the better and more consistent the result.

  1. Start with small amounts.

The oils you use in foods are probably different types or strengths than you are used to using sublingually or inhaling. Start with a reviewed recipe or a few drops in your own recipe and work your way up to the amount that achieves the desired effect.

  1. Include a source of healthy fat.

CBD oils often blend better with another source of fat. Olive oil, avocado or avocado oil, and coconut oil are common in recipes that contain CBD oil.


  1. Store your CBD oil properly.

Just like cooking oils, improper storage of your CBD oil will cause it to become rancid or lose potency when stored incorrectly.


  1. Be mindful of time frame to feel effects.

Most people forget that it takes longer for edibles to reach full effect than other types of CBD. With only very few exceptions, edibles take a minimum of thirty minutes to feel effects and can take up to two hours.

Edibles used to be just brownies, but now extend to dressings, sauces, and more in both sweet and savory varieties. With a little knowledge, CBD can be added to any meal. Whether you need isolate powder or full spectrum CBD oil, Vapor Galleria can get you the products needed to make your own edibles in the comfort of your own home. Our professionals are passionate about CBD products and its uses and want you to have the best experience possible. To learn more about the CBD options available, find the location nearest you.