Fact: Cigarettes are Not Vape Pens
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Vapor Galleria TylerElectronic cigarettes all too frequently misunderstood for Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APVs) or more commonly known as “Vape Pens.” The producers and consumers of vaping products want you (and lawmakers and media) to fully understand that there is a fundamental distinction between the devices.


What an E-Cigarette is.


Let’s begin with what an e-cigarette’s purpose is. E-cigarettes were constructed as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes free from the presence of tobacco. This new option promised a safer way for users to receive nicotine into the body because regular cigarettes rely on burning tobacco and inhaling the smoke to intake nicotine. E-cigarettes heat a nicotine liquid in order to convert it to a vapor that the user then inhales.


E-cigarettes have limited flavor selections and can really only be found in gas stations or convenience stores.


What an E-Cigarette is not.


An electronic cigarette is not a vape pen. Vape pens or vape “mods” are able to produce much more vapor with less nicotine and greater flavor. Often times, many consumers start with e-cigarettes and finally find their way to vape pens and mods for a more “satisfying vape.”


Vape devices feature a heating element and a chamber where materials such as dry herbs, cannabis, oil, wax, or e-juice are converted into vapor. Therefore, vape pens and mods have far more control and variation then e-cigarettes. It’s no wonder that with the upsurge of mod sales, tobacco companies making disposables want mods gone all together.


The choice is yours, but do understand that there are critical variations concerning electronic cigarettes and vape pens/mods. One is high in tobacco and widely recognized to be dangerous for your health, while the other allows you to have more power over what goes into your body with great flavor.


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