Illegal Vape Products Are Cause of Recent Lung Illnesses
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Various reports about vaping related products have dominated the news media recently. Metro Times stated that 806 people reported being ill from vaping, and sadly, 13 people have died. Information like this raises alarms and causes some to demand action be taken. However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has acknowledged that the majority of lung illnesses related to vaping are caused by black-market cannabis products and not nicotine.


In another report, two-thirds of the 86 patients interviewed in Illinois and Wisconsin admitted they purchased their THC/cannabis vaping cartridges off the black-market. According to Leafly, a website that specializes in marijuana, 50 million cannabis cartridges could be tainted with pesticides, lead, residual solvent butane, or vitamin E acetate. There is also speculation that many of the young teens are misreporting their usage as they are worried about being in trouble for using THC.


Counterfeit THC vaping products bring the most harm to a person’s lungs. Companies like “Dank Vapes,” a leading figure in black-market cannabis products, have no centralized production or distribution. They are not made pure. Other counterfeit cannabis cartridge companies are Moon Rocks, Off White, and TKO.


While the CDC has not yet fully identified a substance that is causing the lung related illnesses, health experts are pointing to vitamin E acetate, a substance used to dilute cannabis cartridges. Vitamin E acetate has become a popular way for black-marketers to gain profits. The Food and Drug Administration found vitamin E acetate in the samples patients used. The CDC also found the acetate in their samples.


Politicians are favoring a strong push to ban flavored e-cigarettes that have nicotine, even though new information points to bootleg cannabis/THC vape products. These illegal black-market cannabis products being sold are not under the regulations and provisions that the CDC and FDA enforce. Because of this situation, they are not made in a safe and pure form, and these illegal marketers can get away with harmful shortcuts in the making of their products. This misinformed attempt to ban flavored e-cigarettes when no proof has been put forward that nicotine is the cause of any lung issues has become a serious problem for the legal, nicotine vaping community.


Dr. Michael Siegal, a community health services professor at the University of Boston, stated, “Policy makers are banning flavored e-cigarettes, which so far as we know, are not clearly associated with the outbreak.” The vast majority of nicotine related vaping products are made pure and are not laced with the harmful additions.


The sales of legal cartridges in the real market have already been dropping. Sales fell 15 percent nationwide in the first week of September. If you wish to vape, avoid black-market THC cartridge sales and choose the nicotine juices made under the safety regulations of the CDC and FDA.  Stop in and talk to us about this important topic.