Is Vaping A Gateway To Tobacco Use?
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In 1607, the colony of Jamestown, Virginia was established. Tobacco has been a primary crop in Virginia almost from the beginning. There are virtually no anti-vaping laws in Virginia, and believe it or not, Virginia Beach is one of the vape-friendliest cities in the U.S.


A study was recently conducted in Virginia amongst college students. Many Virginians love their tobacco but they also have no problems with the vaping community.  Both are generally accepted.


Scientists studied 3,757 Virginia Commonwealth University college freshman volunteers for one year. They tracked their interests in both smoking and vaping. Scientists found that students who vaped were only 3.4 times more likely to experiment with cigarettes. Here are some of the stats from the study:


  • Of the 3,757 students, only six eventually switched from vaping to smoking.
  • Twenty students who smoked at the onset of the study transitioned to vaping.
  • Forty-five students who both smoked and vaped at the beginning of the study eventually quit smoking altogether.


This was a diverse group consisting of men and women, and Blacks, Caucasians, Asians, and Hispanics were represented.


Of worthy note, anti-vapers highlighted the stats that showed “increases in experimentation with cigarettes.”  However, it should be noted that college students tend to push their boundaries and try many things in this age group. Anti-vaping groups tend to look for things that “might” assist their relentless attacks on vaping.


Smokers tend to get hooked at early ages and continue to smoke for many decades.  However, thanks to this study, it was discovered that given the choice, vaping is not a gateway to smoking tobacco. It is, in fact, somewhat of a roadblock.


Visit a vape store and find out for yourself.  Yes, there is a solution to tobacco addiction.