Vaping in the Workplace 101: What You Need to Know
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It’s now generally accepted that vapor clouds don’t pose nearly as significant a health risk as second-hand smoke from traditional cigarettes. However, there is still etiquette involved when vaping in social settings, especially those occupied by non-vapers such as the workplace.


The first thing to keep in mind before chasing clouds at work is knowing that indoor vaping is dependent upon the rules of your employer and local state law. If you can’t find anything explicitly stated in your employee handbook or code of conduct, swing by HR and ask whether or not vaping on-site is allowed.


Because vaping still occupies a gray area in public opinion, it’s in a kind of purgatory at the moment with regards to smoke law. For the time being, the FDA seems to be neutral on indoor vaping risks. Although, it’s still categorized as a tobacco product in its method of regulation. But let’s say your state laws AND your employer allow indoor vaping. Here’s how to do it without ticking off your coworkers:


1. Stand near a window or go outside


Your cubicle or desk is probably not the best place to vape at work. Because while you may think your butter pecan vape tastes and smells like heaven, your coworkers probably won’t share your opinion. Always try to be respectful of others by vaping near windows or going outside.


2. Don’t preach to smoking coworkers


We get it. You’re proud of finally taking strides to kick the habit. But resist the urge to pull your still-traditional-cigarette-smoking coworkers into long diatribes about why they should switch to an e-cig lifestyle. Unsolicited advice is rarely welcome.


3. Don’t leave your equipment laying around


This still falls in the respecting others category. Try not to leave or display any vape equipment at work so as not to offend anyone. In fact, you may want to opt for a cartridge-based device for the workplace so you don’t have to worry about refillable e-juices or cleaning out tanks.


Vaping regulation is still very much in a state of flux with no signs of quick solutions on the horizon. Always be mindful of your local laws and policies before attempting to vape in public spaces.