What are rebuildable devices and why should I consider using one?
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The sub-ohm tanks these days are a great mixture of flavor, vapor production, and convenience. But what if you want the best flavor and vapor production? Well then, my friend, we’re talking about rebuildables!


A popular choice for those who like to build is the RDA – or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. With an RDA, you can create your own coils using resistance wire instead or buy a pack of pre-wrapped coils. The resistance, AKA “ohms,” is determined by the wire’s thickness, or gauge, the amount of wraps on the coil, and the distance of the coil from the posts. You can even use multiple wires or coils in various arrangements to achieve very specific ohm readings based on personal preference. Note that different types of coil builds will produce different flavor profiles. For the wick, organic cotton is typically threaded through the center of your coils and then saturated with your e-liquid of choice. Once the juice has been vaporized and the wicking material is no longer saturated, more e-liquid is applied directly to the wicks and coils to repeat the process. This is called “dripping.” RDA’s provide a great amount of flavor and vapor production but can be considered a little messy. That makes these a great “home use” setup!


A rebuildable tank atomizer – or RTA – takes what the current sub-ohm tanks do well and improves on it. Not only can you create your own coil configurations tailored to your personal style of flavor and cloud production, but there’s yet another benefit with these RTA’s. After you wrap your coils and prepare your wicks, the coils are enclosed in a chamber that resembles a small chimney much like what you’d see in a normal tank system. The e-liquid is then absorbed through channels at the bottom of the chimney where your wicks end. With this method, you can use your custom coils and have a tank full of juice.  The hit isn’t quite as good as an RDA but it is legitimately an improved hit over your normal sub-ohm tank. Flavor and vapor production are phenomenal for a tank.


If you’ve ever wanted to have precise control over the way your daily vaping device performs, a rebuildable device may be right up your alley. Just be prepared as rebuildables are going to be more labor-intensive in the long run.